About IAM

IAM is a movement dedicated to inspiring all people to engage their culture to create a more good and beautiful world. As a non-profit 501(c)(3), IAM presents lectures, performances, exhibitions, screenings, projects, and workshops. Our programming and resources equip the creative community to generate good, true, and beautiful cultural artifacts: sign-posts pointing toward the “world that ought to be.” Through understanding the culture that is and looking toward what could be, we hope to rehumanize our world. The world is [...]

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Tea Still 06

Fallen Towers & the Art of Tea

By Makoto Fujimura Author’s note:  versions of this essay originally appeared in Image Journal, as well as in Refractions: a journey of art, faith and culture.  This essay also was selected for  Bearing the Mystery: Twenty Years of Image (edited by Gregory Wolfe). If I’d come out of school five seconds earlier,” said my ten-year-old son C.J. when I finally found him, “I would have been in trouble.” He was covered in white dust, later called “dust of death,” his hair speckled, [...]

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Generative Japan Benefit – L.A. Chandler

This piece was originally published on the IAM blog. To read about the author, L.A. Chandler, visit her website. Two or three times a year, International Arts Movement offers an Evening of Good Taste where you can experience a variety of art forms that tantalize all the senses. In the past there have been wine, chocolate and cheese tastings as well as a bourbon tasting, combined with visual and musical art, not to mention intellectually stimulating lectures. The latest offering [...]

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